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Sleepless : A Midsummer Night's Dream Episode 1 (ENG SUb)

Sleepless : A Midsummer Night's Dream Episode 1

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Sleepless : A Midsummer Night's Dream Episode 1 (ENG SUb)

Animation Intro

Showten Studio has announced the hentai anime “SLEEPLESS ~A Midsummer Night’s Dream~” based on the visual novel of the same name by Empress studio. The release is scheduled for mid-summer 2022 and will focus on Ryohei Takamiya, a student with excellent academic performance and a fairly talented tutor. He goes to the Japanese hinterland to teach Maria, the daughter of a high-ranking official who recently died - but he has no idea what's in store for him! Reheya is waiting for him

When Ryohei Takamiya, a student with outstanding academic performance and a talent for tutoring, is asked to become a private tutor to teach Maria, the daughter of a recently deceased high-ranking nobleman, he doesn't quite know what to expect. What awaits him is hard sex with three beautiful women - Mari Mamiya, widow and head of the Mamiya conglomerate; Maria, Mamiya's daughter and heiress; and Ira, servant at Black Roses estate - all of whom are incredible in their own way. However, what Ryohei does not anticipate is the extreme sexual temptations that will be brought about by his new job. The main characters of this story are diverse individuals who each have something unique to offer in bed. From Mari Mamiya's expert skills when it comes to pleasing men sexually through her busty body; Ira's mysterious allure as someone who knows how to please both men and women orally; and Maria's willingness to do anything for pleasure no matter how taboo or kinky it might seem at first glance (she's even been known to engage in hardcore BDSM activities), these incredibly sensual ladies will have you totally hooked!

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